Friday, February 22, 2013

Dangerous Cuteness Available on TTP!

Print, framed print, or stretched canvas, at a great price, get yours now via Thumbtack Press!

Check out my TTP artist page for details and information. If you are up for a good read, Ben and I chat about the art- the concept behind the art, how I started the my army, people's reactions:

Part 1
Part 2

 Just a few select animals for now, but more to come!

Other handy links:


  1. Dude thanks for visiting my blog. Hey i wanna give you the pieces for your wall. I also miss our cool conversations. lol i still don't have your number. I was never abel to make the visit to your studio, but i know your supper busy and kicking ass out there. THeres a really good show now at 111mina check it out.

  2. Xiau-Fong! So glad you saw the pieces, I am so happy for your exhibits as well, the one at Minna Gallery looked fantastic!!!! Thankx for sharing information!

  3. So nice of you kiké! Thanks dude!