Saturday, September 18, 2010

Portals and Peepholes

Show coming up at Mission Control in San Francisco!

Trickster Arts Salon, "Portals and Peepholes"

A monthly arts salon focusing on community, creativity and openness. Providing a safe space for smart and sexy people to engage in genuine discourse, while doing our part in assisting evolution to unfold with grace and style.

Artists, seekers, thinkers and players-

Join us as we embark on this new collective journey of wonder, magic, merriment, and art!
...Step with us into another time and place- of color and light, of hope and grace! Through portals and peepholes this new world is near, through creative experience it is already here!

7-11pm at Mission Control; arrive by 9pm for performances by:
The New Eccentrics and Lesley Littlefield

Plus, Participitory experiences, and Rooms of Great Art!!!!

Costumes/ Wacky Dress Encouraged!!! (not required) Think: White Rabbits, Mad Scientists, Characters from distant Times/ Places... or whatever you feel!

RSVP required!!! Go to or contact me.