Monday, May 31, 2010


Ima go gun shopping today! Would like to get three maybe four guns depending on the price...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dead Bird

My first animal carcass!!!

I was walking home a couple days ago and found this dead bird on the sidewalk.

With the protection of tissue paper, I peeled the body off the cement by one of the birds' leg. It was gross! As I trotted towards my apartment, the body bumped against a part of my hand, which made me very uncomfortable. Even though I was only a block away from home, it felt too long to have a dangling carcass in your hand. I freaked out a little because I thought I felt it twitch, and thought maybe this sticky lump of feathers was still alive. Nope- just me freaking out.

There was a cross-guard near an elementary school I was passing. She looked at me funny. I told her I was going to give it a proper burial :-P

Got home, threw it in a soil box on the balcony, found a container, cut holes in the container, bird in the container, sprayed water on the body to keep it moist, hid it in shrub.

Now I wait. Hopefully bugs will get to it to clean the flesh off the bones.

I will have to do some research eventually so I can reassemble the bones if all goes well. I hope to have some great bone/skeletal structures soon!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let's Start

I had a blog a while ago, but was never good at updating it. I did not know what to post before, and did not like to put my artwork on the blog because of the template and layout options for my images. Got rid of that blog.

I'm starting anew. What goes up here on this page will not be my artwork (finished pieces will be displayed on the official website)...this blog is a piece of my life that replaces the Bio page on my main website. I will post whatever and as often as I can.

Okay then!