Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Moleskine Project #2

I am excited to be a part of this show with over 50 amazing artists from around the world! The show consists of pages taken out of artists' moleskine sketchbook. Many will be creating images on the front and back of the pages, so it is like two pieces in one. Custom frames for the exhibit will also be double sided to show off both sides. The Moleskine Project will be at Spoke Art in San Francisco. Make a note on your calendar and come check it out!Click on the image below for a list of participating artists:

So naturally, having three different bodies of work, I had to decide between drawing and painting.

I could not decide so I did both, a page with a painting on both sides, and a page with a drawing on both sides. Also I took my concept of animals with guns and glasses and gave it a twist! A boston terrier and a tabby cat holding water guns from the 90's and wearing shutter shades, and in color! (click on the image for a larger view):

Power Pet (side 1)
Power Pet (side 2)
Insect Juice (side 1)
Insect Juice (side 2)

Another decision to make- I am to send only one page! So I have to decide which to put in the show....hm....


  1. awesome work! I love them both. I sent you an email with the info on framing, good luck with the decision!

  2. aahh you're so natural, and congrats! :3 these are all awesome! love that bunny page most, so my vote is on "insect juice" ;D