Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Infinite names, 3 Artists, 1 body

Many of you know I have 3 distinct bodies/styles of art, because really, I am 3 different artists in one body.

I have also had many names, call them nicknames, pretend names, whatever. Xiau-Fong even mutates into different versions:


Xiau-Fong is also funny sounding- sounds like chiffon, and chow-fun (asian stir fried rice noodles), it's almost a name that destroys itself, so it is kind of a non-name. I am merely a figment of your imagination.

It will never end, and I really don't mind actually! Maybe I am just used to it.

That being said... check out the previous post! I have a show tomorrow. You have to RSVP if you want to attend the opening.

I may see you there :-)


  1. I saw your taxi paintings in the Arata window last February, while I was in vacation. They are perfectly wonderful, and I was glad to find your blog. You really do have such distinct styles, and I look forward to what comes next!

    Be well,