Sunday, March 20, 2011

Art Around the World

It is good to be back in San Francisco!!!

Thanks to my aunt for letting me stay at her wonderful home! Her place is filled with paintings and sculptures; take a look:

This one hangs above the bed of the room I stayed in while I was there...... one of my favorites, painted by Dao Hai Phong:

I really love the play of shapes and the use of color to convey Hanoi streets and village scenes.

Here is another one I thought was pretty good. It is an abstract image of two figures, but it also reminds me of Disney's "It's a Small World."

Unfortunately, all I know of the artist is that he or she is Cambodian. If somebody happens to know more about this artist, drop a comment below please!


  1. Very very nice portrayal of all the wonderful paintings...*!*

  2. my family has nooo sense of art -___- I like those loong sculptures!