Saturday, February 5, 2011


It is always interesting to see how different artists live and work. Curt Anderson is an artist and the founder of Urban-Muse (link is on the left side of this page). I got the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes-glimpse of Curt Anderson's space.

His walls are adorned with an impressive collection of books, movies, games and artwork, of all different styles, topics, and genres. There is a constant flow of inspiration everywhere.

I got to see many of Curt's artwork in person. Very cool. He shared some older drawings, his recent drawings, and ideas for future projects.

The above image is "Chobei." We talked about the direction and meaning of this charcoal on toned paper drawing, it was surprising and insightful!

Curt recently started a painting! I am looking forward to seeing it finished; it is something new and different. I won't give too much of it away though... we just have to wait and see.

Visit his website and see more of his art!

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