Monday, January 10, 2011

Paint and Destroy

This is regarding the "Concept" body of work.

People ask me sometimes how I paint. There is no simple answer to that... I paint in many different ways, and most often, I don't know what the hell I am doing. Really. I rarely sketch out a composition, nor do I know exactly the subject matter I am going to paint. I have a vague idea of it all: a vague imaginary sketch in my head, a vague composition, and a vague subject matter (portrait, hand, body part...etc...). The only sure idea I keep in mind when I paint is the concept, message, or underlying meaning I want the image to communicate to the audience.

So, if I were to sum it up, in general, I paint and destroy.

Yes. I destroy what is perfect. I destroy a perfectly white canvas with globs of color. I move the pigment around on the surface to form a perfect image of something (like a face or any other subject matter) and then I destroy that perfect image, and destroy and destroy some more until I get a finished painting.

I have created a page demonstrating this method, documenting the creation/destruction of "Alleviated Aggravation." Check out "Paint and Destroy" in the menu of links above, or click here.

This is how I work; I paint and destroy.

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