Sunday, October 10, 2010

Visiting Art Explosion Fall Open Studios

My first time going to Art Explosion's Open Studio! The building is three stories tall with at least fifty artists a floor. I headed straight up to the third floor and went to check out Paul Konzen's studio!

There were some paintings I recognized from the past, and plenty of new artwork I have not seen until today; they all looked awesome.

As Paul was showing me around, we ran into Janet Ji Song! She is an amazing painter as well, but her website is not quite developed yet.

Jamie Lee's super tight paintings were also shown:

But there were more than paintings there; I saw interesting sculptures, fashion, weaving, and mixed media work. Before I left the telephone wire sculptures hanging in the corner caught my eye.

These are made by:

Tuan Tran's work is very impressive. I am glad I got a chance to meet him!

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