Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dead Bird

My first animal carcass!!!

I was walking home a couple days ago and found this dead bird on the sidewalk.

With the protection of tissue paper, I peeled the body off the cement by one of the birds' leg. It was gross! As I trotted towards my apartment, the body bumped against a part of my hand, which made me very uncomfortable. Even though I was only a block away from home, it felt too long to have a dangling carcass in your hand. I freaked out a little because I thought I felt it twitch, and thought maybe this sticky lump of feathers was still alive. Nope- just me freaking out.

There was a cross-guard near an elementary school I was passing. She looked at me funny. I told her I was going to give it a proper burial :-P

Got home, threw it in a soil box on the balcony, found a container, cut holes in the container, bird in the container, sprayed water on the body to keep it moist, hid it in shrub.

Now I wait. Hopefully bugs will get to it to clean the flesh off the bones.

I will have to do some research eventually so I can reassemble the bones if all goes well. I hope to have some great bone/skeletal structures soon!!!


  1. What if it wasn't dead??? o.0

  2. could be half alive but s'okay... i love zombies